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journey advertising 101
Aug 07, 2022

Guide to Journey Advertising

What is Journey Advertising?

Journey Advertising is a brand’s ability to reach consumers at key moments along the journey to purchase with relevant content and creative messaging to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Why You Need Journey Advertising

Extended buying cycle

Big-ticket items like home improvement, healthcare, financial services and vacation travel require careful consumer consideration prior to purchase.

Evolving consumer needs

Building consumer commitment to and advocacy for a brand requires nurturing consumer relationship over time.

Varying consumer mindset

Consumer awareness and preference for specific brands vary widely requiring personalized messaging along their individual journey to purchase.

Marketer Tips for Success


Personalize based on consumer propensity to buy. In-Market segments need immediate call-to-action; Out-of-Market segments require awareness and education before committing to a purchase.


Deliver messages catering to in-the-moment needs & passions based on context & behavior signals (on what consumers read, listen, watch, and share).


Measure success through key milestones along the journey by polling, share-of-consumer attention, visits (website or in-store), sales, and basket size (average-order-value).

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