Most Viewed Video Ads: Mother’s Day

How are brands approaching the trials and tribulations of parenthood? There may be no better barometer than the plethora of ads that come out around Mother’s Day. Every year, thousands of Mother’s Day ads tug at our heartstrings to encourage gift-giving. And this year, a number of non-retail brands jumped on Mother’s Day mania too. Touching campaigns looked at the bumpy journey of parenthood and reminded us that there are no instruction manuals for many of life’s difficult events.

Check out the top 3 videos below as well at the full chart at the bottom:



Coming in first place is Swarovski. The major jewelry brand celebrates Mother’s Day with the faces of a mother and a child sharing a moment of tenderness and serenity. Like the sun, the mother nurtures and shines while her loving daughter revolves around her like a shimmering star. The Sunshine collection mimics this bond with sunburst silhouettes in a glowing representation of the powerful energy and warmth of a mother’s love.

T.J. Maxx

Sixty percent of mom’s get generic gifts for Mother’s Day, and T.J. Maxx is here to change that. The retailer showcases quality gifts that are unique to each mother, because although the name “Mom” is the same, the gifts don’t have to be.

Portal from Facebook



This Mother’s Day, Portal from Facebook wants to give Mom more than a phone call. Neil Patrick Harris guest stars in the spot and he video calls his mother from Portal to have his kids wish her a “Happy! Mother’s! Day!”. The brand reminds us that even if you can’t be there for Mother’s Day, you can at least “feel” there.


Check out the full chart below to see if your favorites made the list:


Rank Brand Campaign Name Total Views Link
1 Swarovski 2019 Mother’s Day Campaign 15,277,676 WATCH NOW
2 T.J. Maxx Gifts for Every Mom 12,260,226 WATCH NOW
3 Portal From Facebook Mother’s Day 11,741,935 WATCH NOW
4 ProFlowers Celebrate Mother’s Day 8,156,146 WATCH NOW
5 1-800 Flowers Kids Choice for Mother’s Day 8,146,805 WATCH NOW
6 Olive Garden For Mom’s Day. And Every Day. 7,423,743 WATCH NOW
7 Genomind Dear Mom: A Story About a Family’s Mental Health Journey 7,010,920 WATCH NOW
8 1-800 Flowers Make Mom Feel Loved 6,046,072 WATCH NOW
9 Telaflora Love Like a Mother 4,696,512 WATCH NOW
10 Google Parenting 1:01: A Moment in Search 3,988,548 WATCH NOW


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