Accessing Culture Beyond Ethnicity: Intent

Welcome back to our “Accessing Culture Beyond Ethnicity” as we break down how we decipher culture through technology. Today we tackle one of the four fundamental elements we use to decode culture: Intent.

Human culture is extremely hard to understand and make actionable. Humans are generally very private beings., take dating as an example. We rarely disclose facts about who we are and what we like on first dates because of a lack of trust. This same concept can be understood regarding a consumer giving a brand details about him/herself. How can marketers convert these people who behave by unspoken language? While it may seem like a no-brainer for any marketing strategy, not all marketers are employing effective strategies to make sure they can reach consumers.


One of the biggest indicators of consumer intent is through search data. It allows us to identify cultural cues from consumers at the precise moment they express intent. This can also signal where a consumer is within the consumer journey. Whether it is lifestyle, category, or brand direct keywords – search behavior gives us a concrete glimpse into words that are directly typed by consumers.

The Acuity Platform uses high value intent signals and A.I. learnings to optimize targeting. It is possible to predict future actions and propensity-to-convert in real-time. We can base these predictions on behavior outside of walled gardens like Google and Facebook.

high value intent signals and A.I. learnings to optimize targeting


Acuity has a unique in-house contextual & keyword targeting system that scans every web page, before we place an ad on it. Acuity will deliver ads to users that are browsing on a web page where a keyword relevant to your brand is present. We also are able to retarget brand-specific and competitor-specific keywords to find your audience when their intent is the highest.

How Our Contextual Keyword Targeting Works

As a consumer moves through the journey, their value to your brand changes drastically as does search behavior. Therefore, the price advertisers should pay to connect with each consumer should also vary. We’ve cultivated a one-of-a-kind data set that allows our customers to succeed, with decision science.

Stay tuned next week as we tackle the last key factor to decode culture that is focused around brand associations and preferences: affinity. For any questions related to in-culture advertising or ways it can benefit your next program, contact us today!

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