3 Tips for Navigating the Frontlines of Omnichannel Media

Navigating omnichannel media

AcuityAds CSO Seraj Bharwani was recently joined by Maddy Apsey, SVP of Digital Investments of 22Squared for the inaugural episode of the Journey Insider podcast, where they talked about how agencies can grow, innovate and gain strategic advantage despite recent upheavals in the media business.  Here are three things we learned from their discussion: Media […]

Multicultural Marketing: A Marketer’s Guide

Multi-Cultural Marketing Guide

  For marketers, authentic audience connection is essential, no matter the industry. And the best way to make that connection is to truly understand the people you are targeting—to empathize with them, understand their challenges and speak to them in a way that makes them feel heard. But how can you understand someone without first […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Mother’s Day 2022

Most Viewed Video Ads for Mother's Day 2022

Mother’s Day is a time to express gratitude to mother figures for all of their contributions, large and small. But how did consumers choose to celebrate one of the most important women in their lives? Our Most Viewed Video Ads list for Mother’s Day will help you understand what moms really wanted in 2022.   […]

Day in the life of a Digital Campaign Manager

“So, what do you do?” is an infamous conversation starter. Then again, it’s also something your relatives ask when they want to brag about you to their friends. Although it’s a simple question, I’ve never been sure about how to articulate the intricacies of my dynamic day-to-day. Here’s my best shot. [ My name is […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Tax Season 2022

Ready or not, tax season is here again. While this time of year may not be well-received by most consumers, taxes must be done and advertisers are eager to showcase how they can  make them a little easier on us. The Most Viewed Video Ads for the 2022 Tax Season provides a strong lesson in […]

3 Things we learned at Portada Live

Portada Live Conference

How can brands reach and foster meaningful relationships with multicultural segments? Recently, AcuityAds CSO Seraj Bharwani sat down with Ariela Nerubay, CMO & EVP of Curacao for Portada Live to discuss just that. Together they talked about how Curacao became one of the most trusted retailers in the US Hispanic community and how marketers can […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: March Madness 2022

The Kansas Jayhawks overcame a tremendous 15-point halftime deficit against the North Carolina Tar Heels to secure their fourth national championship victory this Monday, April 4th ⁠—but which advertisers were also able to claim March Madness victory in 2022? Brands like Pizza Hut and Buffalo Wild Wings zeroed in on their target audience by emulating […]

Sadie’s story: Overcoming adversity as a woman in tech

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions of women to society, and reflect on the issues that women face. In honor of this important event, Acuity would like to share a story from one of our employees, Sadie, a Senior Database Administrator and Canadian-Iranian immigrant who overcame difficulties as a woman in […]

Three Priorities for Tech Companies to Thrive in 2022

  By Tal Hayek, Co-Founder, CEO   For businesses in the technology space to survive through any period of uncertainty, they need to be nimble and adapt quickly to their environment—but surviving and thriving are not the same. Thriving requires not just the ability to adapt, but to do so with poise, effectiveness and clarity […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Cryptocurrency

Crypto has become wildly popular in 2022, going from a topic for niche internet subcultures to a subject of serious debate for both retail and professional investors in just a few years time. Yet despite all of this attention, crypto advertising is still tightly regulated in many parts of the world, including North America. In […]