Journey Advertising 101

Consumer Journey Advertising 101 Infographic

Infographic: Journey Advertising is a brand’s ability to reach consumers at key moments along the journey to purchase.

Most Viewed Video Ads: Summer Travel 2022

Most viewed video ads for Summer travel 2022

2022 is proving to be a big year for the travel and tourism industry. After nearly two years of pandemic-related hiatus, global leisure and business flights have risen to levels not seen since 2019, showing that a ‘major recovery’ is underway for the industry (source: CNBC). Our list of Most Viewed Video Ads for Summer […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Pride 2022

Most viewed video ads for Pride 2022

It’s the most colourful time of the year—Pride month! A time to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ communities and stand up for diversity and equality. And while rainbows and fierce displays of authenticity instill an air of joyous fun, the 300+ anti-LGBTQ2S+ bills proposed across 28+ states this year (source: Human Rights Campaign), remind us of the very […]

Day in the Life of a Product Director

Day in the life of a Product Director

With AcuityAds’ Chuck Lee For Chuck Lee, working in product rests upon an axis of continuous improvement. It’s Chuck’s job to work cross-functionally with several teams to manage the product roadmap from discovery through build and go-to-market while also leading his own team. Basically, he is the one that conceptualizes and rolls out product features, […]