illumin™ launches custom contextual advertising that ensures precise, relevant, and safe ad placement

We know one size does not fit all. So why shouldn’t that be true for your advertising placement? AcuityAds’ revolutionary journey automation technology, illumin, now offers custom contextual advertising categories through its integration with Peer39 and GumGum, the leading global providers of advanced contextual intelligence.   What is contextual advertising? Contextual advertising means placing ads […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for being big shopping days across North America. And despite supply chain issues and rising inflation, consumers have come to expect monster savings. But with so many brands competing for consumer dollars, their promotional efforts have to be on point. The Most Viewed Video Ads for Black Friday […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

September 15 – October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage month — a yearly observation to celebrate the history, culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans. As the second largest Spanish-speaking country behind Mexico, brands in the States recognize the importance of targeting and tailoring their messaging to this growing community. The Most Viewed Video Ads for Hispanic […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The Most Viewed Video Ads for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics showcase the familiar themes the Games are known for — dreams, ambition, and the inspiration that anything is possible with a little grit. But other themes also emerged — feminism and mental health, as brands used their platform to show support and solidarity for topical […]

Transparent journeys offer greater accountability for media investments

Journeys and funnels as metaphors for a customer’s decision-making process on the path to purchase have preoccupied marketers and the marketing research community for over a century. The metaphors were intended to help model, measure, and validate the consumer behaviors to achieve predictable business results through media investments. Unfortunately, a combination of channel fragmentation, data […]

Webinar: How to measure the business impact of omnichannel consumer journeys

On July 22, 2021 we hosted another webinar in our IAB series on How to measure the business impact of omnichannel consumer journeys. The session explored how advertisers and agency buyers can take control of the consumer experience with real-time intelligence. Featured speakers included: Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer Max Dobbs, EVP, Enterprise Sales Jake […]

Most Viewed Video Ads: Pride 2021

  June is a time to celebrate diversity and LBGTQ2S+ communities. And as much as people around the world are celebrating, so are brands. From recoloured rainbow logos to special product editions and tailored advertising campaigns, brands increasingly incorporate Pride as an integral part of their inclusive marketing strategies.   But, just because brands are […]